My First Virtual Author's Talk for : Have Courage & Be Kind

I had the delightful experience of sharing my upcoming book Have Courage & Be Kind :Knights in Training & the Great Battle, virtually with a wonderful grade four class. The book is about a pandemic that takes place during medieval times but looks very much like our current pandemic in 2020. It is because of this pandemic, authors are not able to bring their books and present an author's talk in classrooms. One of our strongest motivators in writing children's books is to be able to share our books with children and get their reactions and even some suggestions. I created a powerpoint of my illustrations as well as the story and the class had the pages projected onto a large screen. Doing this author's talk was a highlight for me. Even though I wasn't in their classroom, the children were attentive, clapped when I was finished and had lots of comments and questions for me. I promised the class that I would return as soon as I was allowed and bring the actual book with me. I have included a paragraph from their weekly newsletter.

Author’s Book Talk

Author and illustrator, Luella Neufeld joined us “virtually” on a Google Meet to share her book with us. Mrs. Neufeld was a grade four teacher at our school and is now retired. She had a dream of writing and illustrating a book and was inspired by Dr. Henry’s words of encouragement, “Be kind, be calm and be safe”. She has since written an allegory, using her grandchildren as the main characters, that inspires the young at heart to "Be kind, be calm, be courageous, be helpful, be patient, be careful, be loving and be joyful" in our battle against "Cobra". She asked if our class would be her “world premiere” audience. It was a delightful experience, indeed. Mrs. Neufeld’s charming book is in the process of being published and will be available for purchase next spring. She has promised a signed copy for our class. Ask your child what lessons he/she learned from the story.

I am so looking forward to the time when schools will open to visitors again and we will be able to visit classrooms in person and share our books with our most enthusiastic readers.

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