REVIEWS ARE IN!-My book is now available on Amazon and Chapters/Indigo online

This wonderful story is a ray of light that will spark joy during a challenging time.

Beth Rennie-President-BooksforMe!

*****Inspiration during difficult times

"This book is a timeless tale of family coming together and using their skills to fight "The Great Battle" However, this book digs deeper and shines gems of love, compassion and kindness during dark times and this is what we need right now. Enriching literature that shines, gives hope and still tells a beautiful story."

A. S. Teacher-Librarian

*****A lovely book full of ideas for kids during Covid 19 pandemic

What a warm, gentle book for children who have been isolated during a stressful time. This book is fun to read with kids and prompts discussions they can understand. It is full of ideas for children to help them participate in the effort to beat the virus at home and in the community. By the way the language in the book is conversational-clearly written by someone who knows what kids are capable of understanding. Just a lovely book!

ILS Amazon reader

***** Perfect book to address children's emotions & how they can make a difference during the pandemic A beautifully illustrated book that talks about life during the pandemic through the perspective of 3 young knights. It provides practical ideas for how children can stay safe, as well as ideas for how they can help family and others in the community. It is a perfect book to start a conversation with your children about their emotions and the challenges of living with restrictions and to empower them to make a difference. ER Amazon reader

I just received copies of your book! Congratulations!!Wow! Totally love the premise, the story, the artwork, the locale, the name choices, to name a few. So fun and beneficial at the same time. Impressive.

SW Grandmother


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