Imagination & Wonder-A Parent's Role


Albert Einstein

One of the most wonderful aspects of being human is the gift of imagination. When we read with our children we help stir their imagination. Children love to look at the illustrations in books and it allows them to imagine themselves in a similar situation and connect with the characters. The way we interact with our children is vital in keeping their imaginations flourishing. It's important to tell them silly stories and engage them in making up stories or scenarios. Spend time playing make belief with them. Interview them as a famous person or a character in a book. Accept their imaginary ideas, be enthusiastic about their creativity and allow them to explore ideas outside the box.

There are so many ways that we can encourage children in developing their imagination. Taking them outside and exploring and discovering the many aspects of our natural world helps foster their innate sense of wonder and curiosity. Limiting screen time and allowing them to just be encourages more creativity and imaginative play. A dress up box filled with props and clothing can be a catalyst to a child's imagination and can lead to more empathy as they role play characters in a book or their own imaginary characters. Having simple art supplies on hand and allowing them to freely explore the materials and their ideas is another way they can express their imagination and continue to develop it. Children need to be given a lot of time to just play with toys as well as natural materials outside. Play is essential for developing imagination, creativity, problem solving and knowledge of how the world works.

After reading the book Have Courage & Be Kind,

*Imagine a world without childhood illness. Draw a picture of that world. Make a Vimeo.

*Imagine the Medieval times without medicine or doctors, what would happen in a pandemic?

*Imagine another adventure with the knights in training; act it out or create your own picture book.

*Imagine the celebration your family will have when this pandemic is over; draw or paint a picture.

*Imagine you are the King in this story or the leader of your country; how would you defeat this enemy?

Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world.

Albert Einstein

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