Christmas 2020; More is More

This Christmas we will have more time to decorate, make gifts, bake traditional goodies and maybe even send Christmas cards. We will have more time to relax and enjoy our closest loved ones and focus on the joy that we can choose in spite of the year we've experienced.

Because we had so much less of everything this year, my theme for Christmas is 'more is more'. Not more gifts, more busyness or more money spent. But rather, more decorating, more music, more reading, more Christmas movies, more gifts made, more relaxing, more festive treats baked, more phone calls, more cards sent, more compassion, more kindness, more love and more reflection.

Each Christmas I choose a theme for my Christmas decor and change colours every year depending on things we have experienced. A pink tree when our first granddaughter was born, blue trees when our boys were born, white when there was a wedding and red during alternating years. This year to emphasize the idea of love; I chose red. I wanted to add burgundy because the rich tone evokes love, passion and celebration. I found some beautiful wired burgundy ribbon at Michael's and used burgundy and red plaid ornaments from a few years ago.

Ikea had lovely burgundy themed wrapping paper, but burgundy ornaments were harder to find so some diy was in order. Using pink styrofoam hearts from a previous year I painted them with sparkly burgundy nail polish and then glued on burgundy tassels from the Dollar Store. I also found some metal ornaments in the 50% off bin at Michaels with a monogram on either side. I painted a wreath over the design with two shades of green acrylic paint and then added berries. On one side I painted the center of the wreath black and then painted a Santa with a medical mask and the numbers 2020 painted in the wreath. For my door I used my boxwood wreath, added burgundy ribbon, painted some red berries a sparkling burgundy and added a small sign from Walmart on which I painted dark red berries.

I love how the tree looks with the rich burgundy ribbon, dark red wool hearts, sparkly burgundy hearts and all my red and gold ornaments. It brings me such joy!

Going along with the 'more is more' theme, I decorated every corner of our house. I continued with the red theme everywhere except in our bedroom and bathroom. I used white and blush; for the theme of love, and also because it matched our decor and created a softer more romantic look. It also reminded me of my darling girls on the other side of the world who won't be home for Christmas this year.

I love how these rooms glow with a lovely soft romantic pink hue. It makes my heart feel warm and full of hope and love. At Christmas we are surrounded by the beauty of the season. Our small acts of decorating our homes brings beauty to ourselves and to our loved ones and it is how we can make the world a more beautiful place.

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