A Simple Winter Wreath

I received a beautiful handmade quilled snowflake for Christmas. When I was taking down my decorations I wasn't ready to put away this beautiful ornament. I decided to create a winter wreath for my front door and include this one-of-a-kind-snowflake. I had made a simple wreath before that I would reuse. It was made of a metal ring that was completely wrapped with strips of burlap. A bow made from a strip of burlap was glued to the top. Then eucalyptus was added to the bottom half of the wreath. I removed the eucalyptus, added an inexpensive garland from the dollar store using wire and then hung the snowflake at the top. A white ribbon or raffia could be used instead of the burlap ribbon and the wreath could be grapevine or straw. I love the way it looks on our door and that festive feeling we get when our homes are decorated during the holidays can last a little longer.

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