10 Tips to Make Back to School Easier

1. A week or two before school starts begin a regular bedtime. Allow your child to read for 15- 30 minutes depending on their age.

2.Take them to the public library to get their own library card and let them take out a few non fiction and fiction books.

3. Arrange a play date with a friend or two that they haven't seen during the summer.

4. Go through their closet with them to organize and donate clothes that don't fit and make a list of things needed. Go shopping with them. Create outfits and take photos.

5. Organize and declutter their bedroom and create a homework station and add supplies needed.

6. Take each child on a date, give them a new journal and discuss goals for the next year and have them write them down. Include extra curricular goals, not just school related.

7. Go school supply shopping together and help label and organize their supplies.

8. Make them a special breakfast and have a little surprise gift on their plate on the first day of school.

9. Put a personal note in their lunchbox on the first full day of classes.

10. Make their favourite after school snack on the first day and arrive early to pick them up.

I always had a surprise on my sons' breakfast plates while they were growing up and even my husband's as he was a teacher. It made the day a little easier to ease into and something to look forward to when they got home. I did this even when they went to university and when they left home, I continued the tradition with my husband. Family milestones and beginnings should be celebrated and remembered. Make sure to take lots of photographs of each first day. They are a wonderful record that show the changes your child will go through each year and will melt your heart. Everyone will tell you this, but you still can't believe how quickly your children grow up. Savour each moment.

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