Royal Wedding Themed Bridal Shower

I had the honour of hosting a bridal shower a month before the Royal Wedding for a bride who was getting married in the same month as the royal couple so I decided a Royal Wedding themed shower would be perfect and be a lot of fun for the guests and the bride. For decorations I used ornate white frames and added sticky black vinyl paper. I used a white marker to create signs. A white bunting banner with sticker letters, my mother-in- law's china tea set and arrangements out of roses added to a whimsical tea party theme. I also dyed paper doilies with food colouring and water. The longer you keep the doilies in the water and food colouring mixture the darker the pastel colour. I scattered them under the food trays and the displays. Mugs and plates with photos of the bride and groom and sticker letters to add their names made the perfect 'royal' souvenirs. Everything used was from my cupboards or the dollar store except for the flowers which came from the grocery store.

I also used small cardboard boxes from the dollar store and painted them and glued trim on them and then added signs with 'something old', 'something new', 'something borrowed', 'something blue' and put gifts inside. We put gift money in the 'something old', some white lace stockettes for 'something new'. The bride and groom goblets from our wedding in 'something borrowed' and blue gum, listerine, lotion and other toiletries in blue for the 'something blue'. The bride loved it and it made a lovely centrepiece.

I assembled some materials to make fascinators and as the guests came they made their own fascinator hats. We started with hairbands and small yogurt containers. They come in white, blue and black. I also spray painted some yogurt containers pink. Using a hot glue gun the girls added feathers, flowers, butterflies, ribbon and tulle to create their delightful masterpieces. It was fun to model them for the rest of the shower.

We dressed the bride with white lace gloves, pearls and a fancy hat. She looked like royalty. The food was also on the same tea party theme with delicious cucumber sandwiches, colourful strawberry desserts and fresh scones with creme freche and jam. The photos turned out amazing and we had a lovely time celebrating and showering the bride with love. It was an honour to be a part of this memorable day.

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