Tea Party Fascinator Hats with Green Materials

If you were inspired by the royal wedding and the wonderful hats worn by the guests here's an idea that your girls will love. Host a tea party and have the guests create their own fascinators to wear at the party. I bought a bunch of hairbands from the $ store. (4 for $1) I saved small yogurt containers and painted them with two coats of pink acrylic paint. You can also leave them white or whatever colour they come in. I saw blue and black yogurt containers which would work well. I glued the yogurt containers onto the hairbands before hand as it takes a while for them to stay secure. When I made these with my granddaughters, I showed them some footage of the royal wedding especially the part that shows all the fancy hats of the wedding guests. I brought out all my craft leftovers; doilies, feathers, beads, butterflies, flowers, etc. The girls then chose their items and I helped glue gun them onto the yogurt container. We had a tea party outside with cucumber sandwiches, cookies and lemonade while wearing our fascinators. The three year old kept her fascinator on for the rest of the day. The older two wanted to wear them to soccer practise. This activity was a big hit with the girls and a great way to make another memory with my wonderful granddaughters.

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