Using Inspiring Quotes as Decor

When we began to make plans for a ladies winter retreat we came up with a theme that we thought would be perfect for the season just before Christmas. The theme chosen was 'be still'.

I then created a large banner that would become the focal point and would be placed on stage behind the speaker.

I used a large sheet of white washed panelling purchased at Rona. Michael's also sells these. If I buy anything at Michael's, I only buy one item so I can get 40% off each time, so I never pay full price.

Draw the lettering onto the sheet freehand. If you don't think you can do it freehand you can photocopy and enlarge the lettering and trace them onto the sheet or use a projector.

Use a large sharpie to outline the letters and then filled them in with black paint. I drew the ferns onto the sheet and then painted them with green paint. Our centrepieces contained ferns so I wanted to continue with the theme.

I had planned to keep the sign and put it up in my den but a retreat attendee came and told me she had been so inspired by the sign that she wanted to hang it in her living room to inspire her and others who would see it. I gladly gave it to her since I can always make another one. As artists nothing gives us more pleasure than having someone find our work meaningful.

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