Olympic Dreams

I love to engage children in the experience of the Olympics. Children are naturally curious about other cultures and enjoy competitions that emphasize national pride. I show them photos of figure skaters, speed skaters, hockey players and other athletes. The children then do some research on a favourite competitor. I encourage them to use their research to complete an authentic representation of their competitor. After they have completed the project I have them write letters and send cards to their favourite athletes. (Most will send back a reply and will include an autographed photo if one is requested.) I always have them use the school address as the return address so the students can share the excitement and the replies with their classmates. Encourage children to follow the progress of their athlete and possibly give a report on them after the Olympics.


Materials needed: Clean meat or vegetable trays, cardstock (from nylons, etc.) toothpicks, felt markers or pencil crayons, glitter glue, glue, scissors

1. Use a quarter to trace and draw the Olympic rings. Colour with the official colours and cut out as a whole logo.

2. Glue the Olympic logo onto the centre of the meat tray.

3. Add some glitter glue to the meat tray in swirls.

4. Draw and colour a figure skater, speed skater or hockey player. Draw a small square on the bottom of the skates the width of the figure.

5. Cut out around the square and the figure.

6. Colour the figure. Add glitter to the figure skater, a national logo to the hockey player and speed skater.

7. Bend the square and cover the bottom with glue.

8. Glue figure onto meat tray.

9. Draw and colour a few small national flags. Colour on both sides.

10. Cut out, glue to a toothpick and poke through the meat tray around the edge.

11. You may add more skaters to the project. You can also draw a group of spectators with flags and penants and cut out and glue to the sides of the meat tray.


Materials needed: Cardstock (the liners in nylon packages are perfect) cut into approx. 5X7 rectangles, felt markers, black fineline marker

Have examples of sports trading cards on display. Have children imagine what Olympic sport they would like to compete in if they could.

1. Draw a border with your ruler around your paper.

2. Draw yourself as a competitor in a future Olympics.

3. Colour in with felt markers.

4. In pencil write your first and last name on the card.

5. Retrace your name with a fineline marker.

6. On the back write down your statistics. Name, birthplace, interests, goals, etc. (This can be real or imaginary)

7. Trace over the pencil with a fineline marker.

8. Cut out a sports card size paper.

9. Create a mini version of your sports card.

10. Trade the mini version with friends.


Materials needed: blue, black and white paint, paper, photos of athletes, old toothbrush, popsicle stick

1. Using a ruler and pencil, draw lines all over the paper forming triangles of all sizes and shapes.

2. To make a tint you add small amounts of white paint to the blue and to make tones you add black to the blue.

3. Have students mix various tints and tones with the blue and paint in the triangles. ( You can use an ombre effect or just a random design.

4. Photocopy a photo of an Olympic athlete using the darkest setting.

5. Cut out the silhouette.

6. Trace it onto the dry painted tints and tones background.

7. Fill in the silhouette with black paint.

8. Put white paint on a toothbrush and using a popsicle stick pull it over the toothbrush towards you, creating white dots on your picture around the skates and skies, snowboards etc.


Materials needed: cardboard, string, white glue, aluminum foil, felt markers, ribbon

Show students examples of Olympic medal designs over the history of the olympics. Ask them to design a medal for the next Olympics to be held in their country.

1. Draw a simple design for your medal.

2. Using cardboard, draw and cutout the shape of the medal.

3. Using layers of cardboard and string glue pieces on to the base to create the rest of the design.

4. Cover the design with aluminum foil pressing it carefully into every crease and folding around the back.

5. Colour with felt markers if desired. (Sparkly felt markers work well)

6. Punch a hole at the top and pull a length of ribbon through and tie in a knot.

7. Make a display along with newspaper articles from the current Olympics.

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