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    Laughter and joy are part of the beauty of life.    

                                              -Diogo Morgado


come from a heritage of family, community and faith. After a hard week working on the farm, the community would have large church or family get-togethers, usually around a meal. I learned to bake and cook at an early age and still love to do that for my family and friends. The activity that I enjoy the most, however, is creating the table setting, the decorations and the little touches around my home that add beauty to the celebration. I love to celebrate everything from the traditional holidays such as Christmas and Easter to the little things in life that I think should be commemorated: a lost tooth, the first day of school, or a hard-earned accomplishment, to name a few. Being together as a family allows us to tell our stories, teach our children about their heritage and enjoy shared love and laughter. Creating these shared memories while

experiencing the joys of life is why we plan these celebrations.

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